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Breedings Box

Breedings Box

Windy Acres Kennel

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Since we do not ship, we will be doing some personal deliveries or meeting half way whichever works out for everyone wanting a puppy from us. There will be a charge of about the same as what the airlines will charge but you will have a more “personal” delivery where your puppy is more comfortable with people who they know making the trip.

There will be several  breedings in the year of 2022 but each and everyone will be well taken care of whether the puppies are born here or at their foster parents. We had a few unfortunate misses earlier in the year so we are working hard at getting  puppies to those people and also eager to meet new future puppy owners. All of these litters are DM clear and parents have been OFA’d before entering into our breeding program.

**As the girls come into heat, Sires can change depending on the girl**

Breedings 2023

Breedings 2024


I used NuVet for all my dogs from puppy to adult. I highly recommend NuVet to all my new puppy owners for the life of their dog and also NuJoint for stronger bones and joints. Go to their website and use the order number 24976.

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