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Specializing in Oversized German Shepherds

At this time, Males are $2,000 and Females are $1,500 with a deposit of $300 to lock you in. In 2021, prices will increase for anyone not locked in this year. In 2021, Males will be $2,300 and Females will be $1,800. This increase in due to a rise in expenses.
Since we do not ship, we will be doing some personal deliveries or meeting half way whichever works out for everyone wanting a puppy from us. There will be a charge of about the same as what the airlines will charge but you will have a more "personal" delivery where your puppy is more comfortable with people who they know making the trip.
There will be several  breedings in the year of 2020 but each and everyone will be well taken care of whether the puppies are born here or at their foster parents. We had a few unfortunate misses earlier in the year so we are working hard at getting  puppies to those people and also eager to meet new future puppy owners. All of these litters are DM clear and parents have been OFA'd before entering into our breeding program.
Cayanne & Sam

Cayanne is our long coat girl who lives with her foster parents. This will be her last breeding but her past puppies have been wonderful for families and are very outgoing. I feel we will have some very large long coats from this litter that will be protective when need be but not aggressive. Cayanne is a beautiful gentle long coat that is a wonderful mom and loves her human family. Sam is a wonderful companion and watchdog who even at 8 yrs of age is playful and acts like a 3 yr old.  Sam has a very large broad head like his dad and a massive body to match. Cayanne had a difficult delivery. Unfortunately no puppies are available. Anyone on this list will be transferred to Abby & Hank for long coats.

Cayanne Sam
Oakley & Raider

Oakley has produced some wonderful pups for us that are much taller then herself. Oakley is the shortest girl on our place but has given us fantastic babies and she seems to outdo herself with each litter. Her past pups have had beautiful heads, great bone structure with a calm but happy type personality that fits well into any family atmosphere. Felt at this time to switch the breeding to Raider instead of Hank. Expecting standard and heavy plush coats from this litter.

Oakley Raider
Roxie & Sam

Roxie is a very tall girl with plenty of size in her pedigree weighing in at 118lbs so far. Felt at this time to switch the breeding to Sam instead of Hank. Roxie has not yet produced a long coat so I feel she does not carry the gene to do so. Sam is a wonderful companion and watchdog who even at 8 yrs of age is playful and acts like a 3 yr old.  Sam has a very large broad head like his dad and a massive body to match. Expecting only short coats in this litter.

Roxie Sam
Please call 563-203-0622 for more information. If interested in adoption, please leave a message due to increasing telemarketers.

Windy Acres Shepherds

Windy Acres Shepherds is located in the beautiful area surrounding Cresco, Iowa in the northeast of the state. This is south of Rochester, MN, southwest of LaCrosse, WI, and northeast of Des Moines. We are very proud to live here and raise such wonderful dogs as the German Shepherd.

We are breeding our shepherds to bring back what I call the "Old Time German Shepherd" that are loyal, trusting, and to be the wonderful family member I remember growing up. Producing pups that are smart, straight backed with large heads, big bone with protective but not aggressive temperaments. Our pups are healthy, outgoing and are handled every day from birth on. Raised with family in mind. We have standard, plush and long coats that are black/red, black/tans and occasionally solid blacks. They leave here with a written guarantee of health, hips and elbows.

To contact us, don't hesitate to email us at


If you would prefer, we would love to visit with you so please call us at


or my cell


for any questions you may have.

We have plenty of pictures to send and also testimonies of what their new owners say about them. A deposit of $300 will lock you in on the litter of your choice and are always transferable to a different litter but not refundable unless I cannot get you a puppy within one year.



State Inspected + Certified Hobby Breeder
Animal Welfare License No. 10002

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